Designing a great website is all about caring about the details. It’s about letting the customers know in a single glance what you website is all about. Great web design is more like an art and we treat it as one here at Omy Infotech. For us, a good web design is a way of turning a visitor into a customer. Just like a great dress will turn heads on the street, a great web design captures a user’s attention and persuades him to explore your website further. Amidst the millions of sites that exist on the internet today, a good web design is the foremost feature which will stand your website apart.

Here at Omy Infotech, we firmly believe that the first impression is the most important impression. And we design websites keeping in mind that. In the era of social media, if you have a website with an eye-catching outlook, your customers will share your site with others on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites. And it’s not just about attracting a user who will get to your site once. Rather, we design sites with meticulous detail on every aspect so that once a user arrives at your site, he will be persuaded to visit other pages and every page will leave a good impression on him. Even if you are looking for a complete website redesign, we will haul up your website into a veritable superstar.

How do we turn web design into an art?

You give us the material and we take it from there. Every project we do is a custom web design project for us and we don’t use any off-the-shelf components. We work closely with the clients to know exactly what they want their sites to look like and what they want to achieve through their site’s outlook. It is then our job to turn your requirements into an art by using a dash of colorful creativity, user-friendly navigation and great graphics.

And in doing all of this, we keep you updated and take your feedback on every step. After all, it is your website and we want it to be made exactly as you like it. Moreover, we ensure a responsive web design on all our projects – this makes sure that your web design is equally perfect for desktop as well as mobile screens.

Meet the web designers:

Our web designing team at Omy InfoTech comprises of a number of highly creative professionals with a flair for art and an eye for what looks right on the web. From graphic designers to marketing gurus and back-end experts, we have a whole team which puts a lot of effort into taking a web design project from start to end. This involves a lot of brainstorming, many bright ideas, tweaks and twists on different color themes and finally, feedback from you.

With this team, you will literally see your website go from an idea to a piece of art. And we do all this while keeping in view the functionality of your website. If you want an ecommerce website design, the design will be meant to attract new visitors and make them regular customers, boasting up your sales at the same time. If you are a corporate website, the design will be a colorful testament to your corporate ideals and motto. You tell us what you have in your mind and we turn it with pellets of colors and great ideas into a bright sparkle of inspiration. Because for us, every web design project matters.

What more do we offer?

We are design experts and we can virtually design everything digital with a dash of creativity and awesomeness. If you are looking to do some email marketing or simply keep in touch with customers through newsletters, we will produce email newsletter design for you as well. And if you want a specific job such as a banner design, we will put as much of our passion into it.



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