• Website Development

    Website Development

    Having vast diverse expertise and able to great efforts in web design and website development with latest technology. With us customized applications, CMS, E-commerce solutions, Blogging, web maintenances.

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  • Customized Application

    Customized Application

    We provide you in wide range of all customize applications such as product development, CMS application, online store, multilevel marketing, XML applications, 2 tire -3 tire application development and system integrations.

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  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Having our real estate software we provide website for all real estate agents, brokers and architects to manage all sales, buy and rental property.

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  • e-Commece at omy infotech


    Our online storefront developing software builds with comprehensive e-commerce solutions for small/medium/large scale e-commerce website. Providing different e-commerce services like online shopping carts, PayPal integrations, Google checkout, Online retails.

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Online Accounting

Online accounting services

Online accounting services provides you in web based application that extremely accurate for data processing. In addition, it use in intranet as well as internet based application. By using our services we provide in software as a key features like fast access quick result in and with anytime or anywhere ,also secure data processing in website.

Access your accounts information anytime and anywhere with E-Accounting Solution, this solution provides you with the web based facility that is extremely accurate, with fast data processing. The solution can be used as internet as well as intranet applications. Our web based accounting solution gives you direct access and control over your accounts from your desktop.

We develop different module in online accounting like banking, for customers and sales, PayPal, Google checkout, etc. Online accounting software should fit your budget upon initial purchase and implementation.Nevertheless, you also want an accounting platform with the flexibility to grow as your enterprise grows.

A good online accounting software should be able to provide you fundamental accounting functionalities, such as budgeting, scheduling and reporting expenses. Balancing cost and revenue should be an elemental feature of any online accounting software. We have good online accounting software offer you for currency translation features for international transactions in worldwide. Our online accounting software programs can help you manage your business and your accounts in proper manner in perfect manual.

We always try to understand, solve and know about industry or organization needs of clients and utilize our resources to fulfill those actually needs for their website or web application in a reasonably optimal way. If you need any help or need more information our Online accounting services pleaseContact Us and you can email us.